VIBE Class – Burn

Burn “high vibe”, is a unique blend of cardiovascular exercise and traditional yoga techniques. It combines the benefits of aerobic activity with the mind-body connection and flexibility training of yoga. This dynamic and energetic class is designed to get your heart rate up, improve stamina, build strength, and enhance overall fitness.

Burn begins with a warm-up session to prepare the body for the intense workout ahead. The warm-up may involve gentle stretching, deep breathing exercises, and light cardiovascular movements.

Once warmed up, the instructor guides the class through a series of flowing yoga sequences. These sequences are performed in a continuous and fluid manner, linking movement with breath. The focus is on maintaining a steady pace, transitioning from one pose to another, and engaging the core muscles to promote stability and balance.

As the class progresses, the intensity increases with faster-paced movements and more challenging poses. The sequences may include lunges, squats, planks, and variations of sun salutations, among others. The purpose is to elevate the heart rate, stimulate the cardiovascular system, and increase calorie burn.

To intensify the cardio aspect, the instructor may incorporate additional aerobic exercises such as high knees, mountain climbers, or bur-pees between yoga poses. These bursts of cardio activity further elevate the heart rate and enhance the overall calorie-burning potential of the class.

Throughout the session, emphasis is placed on proper alignment, mindful breathing, and body awareness. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, modify poses as needed, and take breaks when necessary. The integration of yoga principles like mindfulness and relaxation also provides a balanced experience, allowing part students to connect with their breath and find moments of calm amidst the active workout.

As the class nears the end, a cool-down period is included to gradually bring the heart rate back to normal and stretch the muscles. This involves gentle yoga poses, stretching exercises, and a final relaxation or meditation to promote relaxation and recovery.

Overall, Burn offers a dynamic and invigorating workout that combines the physical benefits of cardiovascular exercise with the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. It provides an excellent opportunity to enhance strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall well-being in a single session.






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